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Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 9)
"Nightmares" (Part 9)
- Seduce me Otome (Erik & Sarah)
I shook my thoughts away and got up from my bed; opened my closet and observed its content. "What should i hear? What should i hear?" I asked mysefl. "Something that doesn't make me look fat, of course." I touched the fabrics ligthly; then i spoted my school uniform. My school was not as restrict as many of the private academys around the country but, it also had an uniform policy. We, students, were not obligated to go to school with the uniforms, we had a choice in the matter. I chose to hear it. After getting dressed, i gathered my books for the day and went donwstairs. I ran, skipping steps that  i almost failed the last one, and made my way towards the kitchen. I wanted to be the one who would make the breakfast today, not exactly sure why i was so excited to do so but, i wanted to do it as a "thank's" to the boys. As i stepped into the dinning room, everything was quiet, which gave me hope. "Yes!" I shouted quietly. Ther
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(Fanart) Seduce me - A morning snack by OneHeartforever (Fanart) Seduce me - A morning snack :icononeheartforever:OneHeartforever 3 2
Mature content
Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 8) :icononeheartforever:OneHeartforever 2 0
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Belonging :icononeheartforever:OneHeartforever 3 2
Mature content
Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 7) :icononeheartforever:OneHeartforever 2 0
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Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 6) :icononeheartforever:OneHeartforever 2 0
(Fanart) Seduce me - Let's not talk too much by OneHeartforever
Mature content
(Fanart) Seduce me - Let's not talk too much :icononeheartforever:OneHeartforever 8 4
Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 5)
"Nightmares" (Part 5)
- Seduce me Otome (Erik & Sarah)
I let out a long and happy sigh before running down the stairs frantically. I stopped by the entrance door that leaded to the backyard; the door was slightly ajar. I peeked through it. Erik was standing out by the gazebo, crunching down by it’s base. I slowly opened the door and exited the house, walking towards the man that held my heart. “It’s time.” I mimicked to myself. I let another sigh escape my lips before resuming my walk. As I approached him, my heart started beating faster and faster and faster. I was sure that I was near an heart attack, but I didn’t stop. I was so close to my happy-ending, I was not going to ruin this for myself. The sound made by my bare feets moving on the grass, didn’t seem to arouse Erik’s attention. He seemed very concentrated in whatever he was doing.
It was indeed a chilly night. With no delays, I unfolded the blanket that I held close to my chest
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Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 4)
"Nightmares" (Part 4)
- Seduce me Otome (Erik & Sarah)
I woke up, breathless and completely horrified.
The closeness to death that i just experienced in my dream was making my whole body to shake like an earthquake. “S-Stop…!” I begged. As much as my brain would try to command my hands to stop trembling, they just would not stop. I sat on the edge of the bed with a feel of helpless weighting on my chest. I clenched my hands for a sec, but relaxed them right after. I sighed and took my hands to my face.
Was I like this because my fear of being buried alive or was it ‘cause of other reason? Because of what I saw…?
“Who…” I murmured against the palm of my hand. “Who…” I murmured again. “Who the hell was she...? Why was she with him…?” That dream was driving me crazy. I demanded answers; my heart was the one who demanded them. I shook my head uncontrollably.  “What is she to you Erik?!” I y
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Hello There!

I don't know what to say about me... it is really a hard thing when we try to describe ourselfs... :s

I have Twenty years old and i'm just a regular and normal person passionate with drawing, writting, anime, manga and stuff like that! *~*

Right now i am writting a novel. It's about a love story between a demon, a human girl and a angel. Love triangels, don't you just love it?! :3


"Nightmares" (Part 9)

- Seduce me Otome (Erik & Sarah)

I shook my thoughts away and got up from my bed; opened my closet and observed its content. "What should i hear? What should i hear?" I asked mysefl. "Something that doesn't make me look fat, of course." I touched the fabrics ligthly; then i spoted my school uniform. My school was not as restrict as many of the private academys around the country but, it also had an uniform policy. We, students, were not obligated to go to school with the uniforms, we had a choice in the matter. I chose to hear it. After getting dressed, i gathered my books for the day and went donwstairs. I ran, skipping steps that  i almost failed the last one, and made my way towards the kitchen. I wanted to be the one who would make the breakfast today, not exactly sure why i was so excited to do so but, i wanted to do it as a "thank's" to the boys. As i stepped into the dinning room, everything was quiet, which gave me hope. "Yes!" I shouted quietly. There was no time to waste. I was going to prepare the best breakfast they would ever taste. I opened the kitchen door: the coast was clear. I closed the door behind me and went directly to the cabins to search for ingredients.

"What are you doing princess?"

"Eek!" I jolted up and quickly turned around, almost dropping the jars of jelly. I wasn't expecting someone to be there nor either  to be behind me. "O-Oh! Er--...Erik! Y-You scared me!"

"I'm sorry, princess. I was just curious to what you were doing." Erik said, unaffected by my surprised girly-like scream.

"W-Well, c-can't you see? I-I-I am preparing breakfast." I stammered nervously. Shot. Could i stop shaking like this near him?!

"That is usually Jame's doing. Why would you--...?"

"I-It was going to be a surprised..." I replied before he could finish his question.  "... but-but now it's spoiled."

"It still can be. Surely i will know but the others won't." Erik encouraged me.

"W-Well, i suppose..." I agreed.

"Here, i'll give you a hand. Go grab the bread and the fruit from the bowl." Erik took the jelly bars from my hand and stepped away from me. My heart jumped at the sweet and soft touch of our hands. I could feel the beat of my heart pulsing through my fingertips… every single pound....   "Sarah? The bread and the fruit?"

"Uh...? Oh... Oh! Of-Of course! R-Right away!" I pushed myself away from the corner, where the cabins hang, to the counter. I grabbed the bread and the fruit as i was asked. "Here." I laid them on the table next to him.

"Thank you princess." Erik said foccused on the jars. Continuous act, he went to grab the bread. As our hands touched again, our eyes met. I couldn't deflect my gaze; his expression was really pleasant to look at, so captivating. Subtly, i bent over, supporting myself with a hand on the table, and half-closed my eyes. In response, Erik grabbed my chin and as well bent over. However, we did not kissed. Something was holding him back. So, he released me. He cleared his throat then grabbed the bread. "I'll open the bread and spread the jelly, and you can cut the fruit." He instructed me.

I, too, backed away; more awkwardly, of course. "Y-Yes. It's a good plan." I agreed and foccused on my assigned task. "Erik?"


"About earlier this morning..." I started.


"Well... i wanted to say... i'm sorry..." I said, foccused mindlessly on cutting the fruit in pieces.

Erik stopped spreading the jelly on the middle bread's surfice and looked at me surprised. "For what princess?"

"For all the secrecy. It's not like i don't trust you or anything, i do! But i-- Autch!" A slick and thin cut made by the knife deformed the palm of my hand. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I got distracted and cut myself.

"Princess!" Erik instantly dropped the knife, wich involuntarily ended up falling on the floor, and rushed to me. "Are you okay?!"

"It-It was nothing, don't worry. It just a cut." I tried to reassure him.

Restless, Erik grabbed my hand and observed its wound. "It looks serious, Sarah! You should be treated for it!"

"D-Don't say nonsense... it's just a cut Erik."

"Nonsense, you say!" After cleaning the surfice table from its objects for no apparent reason, and without giving me time to oppose, Erik grabbed me by the waist, lifted me up and sat me up on top of the table. "Now, where is the first aid?" He asked me.

"I-In the entrance." I replied.

"Fine. I'll go get it. Stay there. Don't. Move. A. Finger." He advised me; more like commanded me.

I simply nodded, not wanting to go against his word, and waited there for his return.

Erik returned with the aid case in no time. He placed it beside me, and opened it right away. "Can you stretch your hand please?"

"Like this?"

"Yes, like that. Now, i'm going to disinfect the wound before closing it with gaze and sticker." Erik explained. "It will sting a little."

"I know." I said. "I've fallen too many times when i was little. So, that's no news to me. Have the same happen to you when you were little?" I asked. "H-Have you ever been hurt, that's what i mean to ask."

Diligently, Erik disinfected my wound and bandaged it. Quickly grabbed the lefts and packed them inside the case. Throughout the process he was silent. Not a word came out of his mouth.


"The answer to the question you seek is 'yes', princess."

"Where? Why?" I couldn't restrain myself from asking. I wanted to know him better. I should have thought better about my questions. After all, everyone had the right to have their secrets.

"Don't you remember, silly? The first time we met?"

"Oh! Right! You were all wounded because of a fight with Malix and the rest of his devilsh companions!" I let out a sigh. "I'm glad the whole ordeal with the devils is over!"

Erik chuckled at my sudden reminder.

"W-What?" I mumbled.

"I can't believe you have forgotten the first day we've meet princess." He said with a smirk on his lips.

"No! I would nev--!" But before i could finished, Erik put a finger on my lips.

"I know." He spoke. "I would never too. Neither last night." Confessed.

I felt a sudden blush take over my cheeks. 'Neither do i' I thought to myself, too embarassed to say it out loud. I would never forget the first time he kissed me, meaningfully... the first time he touched me... the first he caressed every inch of my body... the first time he moaned my name... the first time we made love to each other... the very first time he touched my soul...

"Damn, i really want to kiss you right now. Can i borrow one? I promise i'll give it back." He said teasingly. He was such a flirt.

"W-What? H-Here?! N-Now?!"

"Yes. Here. Right now. Unless... you don't want to."

Unconsciously, I replied with silent.

Erik averted his gaze from me, once again disapointed, obviously felling non-corresponded. "Then, i guess i have my answer." A tortured sigh escaped his thin lips. Oh~ i wondered how they would taste like this morning. Would they taste as sweet as last night? "I'll leave you alone finishing the plating. It seems that you don't need me anymore." As he said that, he opened the kitchen door and was set to leave. I wouldn't be stupid for the second time today. I wouldn't let him walk away, not again, not this time. So, I grabbed the sleeve of his red shirt and pulled it back slightly. Erik turned around. "Princess?"

"Come here, i need to kiss you." I simply said.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Erik promptly turned back; i welcomed him by grabbing his face, sealing our lips together, and wrapping my legs around his waist. His kiss was fierce it nearly knocked all the air from my lungs, was so intense that set the fire in me, making me overcome my senses, and was so passionate that made me slowly melt  in his arms; I moaned against his lips, enjoying myself. Our lips were moving in perfect sync and we both  hardly had a moment to breathe. We were too foccused and enwrapped in our kiss to remember that breathing was actualy an essential part of staying alive. So, the only time our lips departed from each other was when we heard noise from the dinning room.

"So James, wha'tcha going to do for breakfast today?" A sweet childish voice was the first to be heard. That was Matthew!

"I was thinking whole-grain waffles, garnished with maple syrup and fresh fruit, served with tea or coffee with milk. Maybe a bowl of whole grain cereals with milk and fresh fruit, and toasts too." A very strutured… planned reply was given to him. And that was James! What would happen if they caught us?! How would be their reactions? What would say? They couldn't possibly catch us doing this kind of stuff, not HERE not ELSEWHERE!


We were inches from each other, breathing heavily. A warm and cozzy feeling radiated from the spot where his lips just touched. My body was all numb; it was a familiar sensation from the energy draining. And my mind obliterated. No... Erik... don't stop... I metally begged. I didn't want to stop, i wanted more!

Erik leaned in and whispered. "As much as I want to continue kissing you, and do much more with you, I don't like having an audience. So, rain check when you get back princess?"

I nooded. He didn't had to ask. He could "borrow" a kiss from me anytime he wanted.

Erik moved away and helpped me get down from the table. "Now, shall we greet the others with the breakfast we made?"

- To be continued?
Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 9)
"Good morning! Let's be naughty today" excited happy 


Link to picture:


Erik, James and Matthew and its respective game belongs to Michalea Laws and her collaborators.

Sarah belongs to me.
(Fanart) Seduce me - A morning snack
How about a snack to "eat" the problems away?  MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Eyebrows Wiggle Huehue


Disclaimer: This a little preview for part 9 of my fanfiction.


Line art and colored by me.

Picture for pose reference:  Belongs to --> (Thank you once again for allowing me using your pic as reference! kaomoji set 1 3/19 )

Sarah belongs to me. 

Erik belongs to Michaela Laws and her collaborators.

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"Nightmares" (Part 8)

- Seduce me Otome (Erik & Sarah)

"Princess?" Erik cautiously approached.

My heart froze and i felt my body tense up at the sound of Erik's voice beside me. My heated cheeks reminded me of the tears i had shed in the dream and who had caused them.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked; then placed a hand on my bare shoulder to get my attention.

His touch brought me back to reality. I jolt up and looked over my shoulder to him; his face and body all enlightened by the moonlight. He looked like a prince out of a fairy tale. A knight in shiny armor. My prince. My knight. "Erik!" I muttured.


I didn't even let him finish my name, i just hugged him so tightly, bare skin to bare skin, letting sink in his sense into me.  In his embrace the world stopped still on its axis. There was no time, no wind, no rain. My mind was at peace.

He didn't said a word, only stood there in my arms comforting me; pity patting my head softly.

My trubled heart settled in his embrace. "Sometimes i look at you and wonder how i got to be so damn lucky." I whispered in his ear. Erik and i departed slightly from each other. He looked at me so longingly that made my heart trob. "Erik"

He smiled; there was something about the way he smiled. The smile that brings memories back is the hardest smile on the earth, and his brought so much to me. "I thought that was my cue, silly"

I sobbed. I sobbed so hard that i thought that i was going to fall crying again.

"Hey... Hey..." He raised my chin, making me lock gaze with him once again. "Don't cry, princess. Whom ever made you like this, doesn't deserve your tear."

If only he knew who had caused them...

Erik gently squeezed me reassuringly as he looked at the wall clock. "It's 4:50 AM" We still had a few hours before the sunrise.

Crap. Why did my nightmare had to wake up us both? I gripped Erik's shoulder and looked at him apologetically. "Sorry i wake you up, Erik. I know you guys need you're sleep since... y-you know--" I tried to explain myself but, the words were too embarrassing to be said out loud.

Erik shook his head. "Don't worry about it... besides, i got plenty last night"  He said teasingly.

As his words hovered in the air, i couldn't help but feel my face heat up, letting a blush run along my cheeks.

"Now, care to tell me what kind of nightmare got you like this?"

Should i tell him? Should i tell him about the nightmare? About that girl whom visited me in my dream? His supposed bride-to-be? Should i ask him who she is? If the things she said were true?

He muttered something but I didn't payed any attention. I was too busy considering whether I should tell him or not.

No. I couldn't possibly tell him. No way. I couldn't. I wouldn't

"Sarah!" He yelled.


"S-Sorry princess..." He immediatly apologized. "... but, you seem so shaken up with your nightmare, i just wanted to--"

I couldn't help but nod in reply, frowing and biting my lower lip. I didn't want it to shake my grounds. It wasn't worth it. I knew Erik loved me and it wouldn't do anything that could possibly hurt me.

Erik coupled his hands beside each cheek of mine and looked deep in my eyes, awainting for answer from me.

I opened my mouth to speak up but, promptly closed it up.

"Do you want to tell me what happen or will you be okay?"

Part of me wanted to tell him so badly but, the other wasn't sure if i should. For all i know, it could all be part of my imagination, my insecurities reflected in my dreams. I wouldn't risk it. "D-Don't worry, it's nothing. I'll be fine."

"You sure, princess?"

I nodded. I hated not telling him and be lying but, that nightmare wasn't worth it. She wasn't worth it. Se might not be real after all.

Erik stared a bit disapointed at me, but nonetheless his reassuring smile left his lips. "Then let's go back to bed and try to get some more sleep?"

"No! I-I mean... Y-Yes but, i bet i wouldn't be able to fall asleep...! So, i'm just gonna take a long and warm shower, okay?"

"Er, okey." He said, a bit unsure what to say towards my refuse. Erik's lips alight on my cheek like a dew freckled petal caught in a breeze, so soft and with the smallest hint of coolness. "Then, i'll go downstairs grab something to eat and leave you be." Then he got up and stepped away.

Erik... I tried to grab his hand and plea him to stay but it was out of reach, so i did nothing, just stood there on my knees. What are you even doing? Get up and grab him! Shout his name!Do something!

Since he had his boxers on, he just put on his pants and grabbed the rest of clothing and made his way out of the room. The door closed behind him with a soft tud.

I sighed. "I just hope this doesn't draw us even more apart." I got up from the floor and went to the bathroom. I stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. I turned on the water tap. The water started to pour down, dripping by my side, as my mind faded into dullness and everything became a foggy illusion.  I closed my eyes, allowing the heat to soak into my skin, and leant against the cool tiles as my weak legs threaten to buckle. My mind was in total shreds. However, the sensation of the steamy water calms me; it takes my mind of things. At some point i was like: 'I'm standing under an everlasting waterfall (...) ever so beautiful, but it can never last'. I know that now; nothing lasts forever. After refreashing myself, i wrapped my body in the fluffy towel on top of the sink and returned to my room. I looked at the clock; 6:00 AM. "Wow. That was a really, really long shower." I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling exausted; i let myself fall backwards into bed and i just layed there, reliving the moment i shared with Erik over and over. It's was so magical, mesmerable, unrepeatable in fact, but total ruined by that nightmare  and its inflictor. "UG-H! WHY?!" I shouted frustated covering my face with my hands. "Why did you have to ruined something so important to me?! And now, i may have worsen things up." I rolled in bed, sadness taking over me. "He left so abruptly. He didn't said a single word after." I sighed once again and closed my eyes. "Maybe i could... no... it doesn't matter anymore..." I grabbed my pilow and nuzzled my face on it. "The damage is already done."

"Hahah~ You are an interesting creature... you even talk to yourself..."

Surprised to hear a voice beyond mine, I slightly lowered the pillow and peered over it. There was these woman staring down at me with a very sly smirk on her face. She had very long blond hair, crimson eyes and a model body. She was beautiful. But wait... who was she? And why the hell was she in my room?! Frighten i back away 'till i was back-to-back with the headboard of my bed.

"Hm-m... why do the boys like you? You're unique, yes, but that can't be all that you have going for you..."

What? What did she thing she was? Talking down to me? Rage began to consume my core. This women, whoever she was, was making me made. "A heads up, I could easly shout and, in the blink of an eye, the boys would be here. Oh, and one more thing, i know taekwondo." My voice didn't match my body language but, i had to try and stand up for myself. "Who are you anyway? And why are you here?" I asked her.  

"Oh silly of me. I forgot that we demons are not well known of in your world. You can call me Diana, little human~"


"I know what you're thinking. Yes, i am a demon, but i'm much more than average demon. I'm a succubus."

Succubus. That was a trigger word. "Are you friends with Irene?" I ask her as the idea suddenly pop on my mind. Could that be true? Could Irene sent her to me to deliver me some kind of threat in her bealf?

Diana crossed her arms under her bosom and looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Irene? Who is--... Oh~ I see..." The woman began to laugh, making me confused. Did she knew her or not?! "I don't know her... but, i know who she is... she is the bride of the obnoxious flirt."

I gasped as my reality shattered to pieces. "Then it's true? All that she told me in my dream, it's all true?"

"Well, i coulnd't possibly confirm that, i wasn't there darling."

I moved out and stood from bed, still holding my towel for not to fall off. I glared daggers at her. "Don't you ever call me that again or you'll regret it."

"Oooh~ You're feisty. That could be why..."  

"Are you here in her bealf?"

"As i said, i don't know the woman, heck, i never met the woman!"

"Then why are you here?!"

"Oh, i just wanted to see who my competition was." She replied. "But i see there's no competition in here."

"Then get out!" I commanded. There was no time to be subtle. She was in my house and she was an intruder. She had had no business here. She had to leave. "5 seconds."

"Is that a threat? How cute. What are you going to do if i don't leave? Kill me? Pele-ase. Just look at you." She mocked. "The answer is no. Sorry, but not sorry. I can't leave."

"Why?" I asked, now beyond mad.

"It's because of the boys, of course. They don't belong here, and yet here they remain. I want to know why and remedy this little issue." This woman was seriously pissing me off.

"They can stay if they want! Now more than ever..."  A blush seared through my cheeks and for a minute i thought my face was on fire.

"Oh i see~" She melodized. "Than, let's make a deal."

"A deal?" I echoed.

"Yes, deary. Didn't you heard what i said?" She seemed annoyed. Very much annoyed.

Note to myself: i have to be more careful, she emanates that type of aura that gives you the feeling that she could cross you off anytime.

"Would you consider hearing what i have to offer?"

"That depends. If you leave right after, i might be all ears."

"Than you have my word. Hear me out and i leave."

"Fine. Consider me all ears." I said. I'm going to regret this so much.

"Good~ So the deal is: you let me take the boys back to where they belong, the Abyssal Plains. And why? So that i can take my place as Queen of their realm. But... and here's my ofter... you get to keep the  obnoxious flirt all to yourself. After all, i only need the one with the Daddy issues so..."

"W-What? N-No! Heck no!" I instantly refused. "W-What kind of twisted deal is that?!"

"What? I thought you would like the idea of keeping him all to yourself... in the human world away from his fiancé... his first and true love... i mean, partner. We demons can't give or experience love, darling."


"Not true? You sure? He never told about his past or either that he has a fiancé... how can you tell that everything that he has told you by the gazebo to be true? «I don't love you with my heart (...) i love you with my soul» blá blá blá! Bullshit"

"How did you--...?"

Diana chuckled softly. "Well, it's not important how i know these things, what's important is that you're living an illusion, a lie, and i'm here to release you from its bubble."

I covered my ears. "S-Stop... stop..." I muttered.

"What's the doubt? He's a demon and you're a human. You couldn't possibly provide what he need. You're love is futile to him and he could never return you're feelings."

"Stop!" I yelled. "I heard you, now go away! Leave as you promised!" I commanded once again. I've had enough and i wouldn't be willing to listen to any more.

Diana raised her hands in defeat. "Fine, fine! But then don't come and say i didn't warn you. You can bet i'll be back... i'll bring them back. " She was about to leave and she remembered. "Oh, and make sure you don't tell the boys i was here. I want my visit to be a surprise. But, i'm not worry, you're good at concealing things from them, so..."

"I... I..." I tried to find the words to fight back against hers, but she indeed hit a soft spot.

"Yes, that's what i thought~" She said amused. "One last thing, if you change you're mind and decide to tell on me, i suggest you think about your friends and family first before open you're pretty mouth."

I stared at her. What did she meant by that? Was that a threat to my family? To my friends? Was she saying she would hurt them if i open my mouth? Then, i should remain silent. I dind't care what happen to me, but i do care what happens to my loved ones.

Diana smirked at me, knowing she made herself clear. "Good. Now, toodles~" And with that, Diana jumped from the railing of the balcony and disapeared right before hitting the ground.

I couldn't believe it. I had one problem, now i had two. Great. Two demon girls trying to ruin my life and take what's precious to me. Could my life get any worse?

- To be continued?
Nightmares - Short Seduce me Fanfic (part 8)
Diana at the rescue! Yeah, right Britney Spears Umm, lol


Erik, Diana and its respective game belongs to Michalea Laws and her collaborators.

Sarah belongs to me.
(Fanart) SD - First encounter, second kiss stolen
Erik: "My sweet, you're so tempting with such non-belief... let me ease your mind with a tender kiss. I promise you'll enjoy every minute of it and maybe you'll even want more."


The very first time their lips touched... little did they knew they would fall for each other Britney Spears - Exactly 

Whyyyy was this kiss in the first version of the game (demo) and not in the final?? Waaaah! Waaaah! I wanted to see so badly!!  STITCH LLORA 

Well, it's like they say....  if you can't help it, draw it!  Onew (SHINee) 

Line art and color made by me

Sarah belongs to me. 

Erik belongs to Michaela Laws and her collaborators.
Page 7 - This is a House of God!
I left the throne room running out of shock. I wasn't sure yet how he left me do that. All i could think in that moment was, how could it all be? Stefano allways said to me he hadn't been able to bring him back... that God hadn't allowed it or something, even with his "influence"... but, somehow, he was standing there, flesh and bones, bowing to Stefano. How?! How was it possible?! It didn't make any freaking sense! The contradiction was killing me. How dare him use God as an excuse?! Why didn't he fulfilled his word like he promised to?! Even more so... Why the hell was Ethan bowing to Stefano like he owned him something? Had he changed sides? No way... there was no away for that to happen... he always been there, assisting me, protecting me, caring and, loving me... once again, there was no way for that to happen, or there was it?


All i did was kept running and running 'till i came across a little chapel and stopped. Its door was semi-oppened; i approached caustionally, who knew what would beyond that door, another bloodsucker? I placed my hand on the door itself and oppened it slightly more. "Hello?" I called out. "Is someone ther?" I searched the place with only my eye movement. It was a bit dark; a faint light was trespasting through three huges stained glass windows centered on the far wall. I creeped in and tried to pull out my adventurous side and explore, but deep down i was as scared as a little scary cat. "Hello? Is someone there?" I repeated myself. Finally, a feminin silhuete rose up. She was kneeling before the priest's podium, it appeared that she was praying. That was odd. I was in a house of Vampires and, yet there was a being who actually believe in something above all species and gave its prayers to that identity? Fearing that might be some kind of supernatural being, i tried excuse myself. "W-Well... i-i'm sor--ry to ha-a-ave disturb-- yo-our... ahm... praying? I-I will seek myself out!" I backed a fews steps first for not to sound too rude, only then, i runned to the door, turning my back at her.

"Please, miss... stay!" Before i could reach for the door jamb, her sweet and, almost childish voice caught up to me. That couldn't have been any danger there. That was definitly not the voice of a monster. It seemed more like a inocent and vulnerable voice of a trapped girl. Just like me. I turned my back and faced her up front. I think i've seen her somewhere around. Her skin tone was the same as mine, she had black hair in a tied-up style, green eyes and was wearing a white's maid clothing. "I-I was just about finishing my praying...! Y-You can have the place...!" She stammered flustered. I look at her up and down. I surely have. "O-Oh! You're hurt, miss!" She said, noticing the irregular bloodstain on my top-sleeve. "Come and sit on one of this benches so i can wrap your arm propably and stop the bleeding." Her kind suggestion made me feel like there was still good people left in that horrible mansion.

I followed it suit despite the whole situation back there, on the throne room. "I've seen you, haven't i...? Who are you? What are you? Why are you here?" I asked as i sat down.

"That's not important right now..." She said while closing the door. "Better?"

I nodded. "Thank you." That simply act made me feel a little bit safier. "Can i at least know your name?"

"Aya." Simply said. "I know you're running away from him, from them... " The young girl pressed her body against the wooden door for a sec, trying to catch a breath herself. "... i, myself, am sort of doing the same. But, don't worry, they can't come here. It's a chapel after all."

I took a hand to my chest and let a sigh escape my lips for the first time in a few months. "That's a relief, for the first time..."

"Now..." Aya walk towards me and kneeled down before me. "Let me take a good look at your arm, miss."

"Sure." I sarted first off, slowly and carefully, rolling up the sleeve of the arm in question, i knew it would hurt like hell. I stretched my arm to her reach and let her observe it better. Seeing all the cuts and the brutal bruise through out my arm to my shoulder, she applied a little pressure on it to check the extension of the damage. I shruged myself in pain. "NG-H...! P-Please be careful, it hurts! It hurts a lot!"

A million possible expressions could have crossed her face, but Aya's downcast expression was almost too pitiful to bear.  "S-Sorry, miss... but-but you dislocated your shoulder."

I rolled my eyes in annoyence. "That's what I just needed."

"I have to put it to its place NOW or it will heal the wrong way and it will continue causing you a lot of pain." She warned.

"You can't be serious--..."

"Stay still, miss... I'll just put my hand on your shoulder and--..."

I cried out loud at the sudden and surly movement of my shoulder backwards. "HOLY FUCK! JESUS CHRIST!"

"Miss! Words!" I was scolded at my wrong choise of words. "This is a House of God!"

"S-Sorry!" I immediatly apologized, to both her and God himself; even if it meant in a indirect way.

"Now, the cuts... It's  a shame i don't have a disinfectant to clear the wounds..." She quickly got up and looked around the space for something useful as such. "Ah! Found it!" She came back with some kinf of a shell of which appeared to contain holy water. "New recipe~" She melodied.

I sighed in exasperation. "This is gonna hurt so bad...!"

"I'm your friend here, miss. So, bite your lip and SUCK it up!"

"H-Hey!" Where did this suden upfront atitude of hers came from? "I thought this was a House of God!"

"And it is!" Aya promptly said, ignoring the fact i tried to use her words against her. "I'm was not swearing!"

"B-But it is a bad word still!"
 I continued to protest.

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Characters: Aya; Angella

Part 6 ->

Part 8 -> ?

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